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 Who Are Oranges and Lemons?

We are a small independent company owned and run by Martin Ashenden and Tracey Smith and have been established and living here in the Oliva and Gandia region since 1980. We succeed and like to operate in a small, family orientated and personalized way. We like to work with you individually to get it right and help you find your new Spanish home here. Most of our properties are within 10 minute drive of our office and all are within 40 - 50 minutes drive therefore our clients become our friends and neighbours, we are always at hand and are eager to assist you in any way we can. We love to be surrounded by smiling happy contented faces. Our past purchasers are your guarantee.

Our Fully Licensed and Registered Office is centrally located on Alcalde Francisco Llorca 15, 1º, C, in the town of Oliva.

We are one of the few English owned Spanish Registered Companies. We are by far the longest in operation and boast an unbeatable track record.

We have No UK Agents ensuring we pass on our bargain property prices directly to you.

We do not apply any pressure or hard sell and DO NOT ARRANGE what has now widely become known as the INSPECTION TRIP or WINE, DINE, SIGN ON THE LINE.

What Can I Expect From Oranges and Lemons?

Firstly and foremost a personal and genuinely interested attitude to your quest for the right property. We will not waste your time showing you around unsuitable properties.

When you come here for an appointment to view, we will listen carefully to your individual requirements and advise accordingly. Usually over a cup of tea we will select the best possibilities from our varied list. Each choice will be clearly described to you, both good and bad points before deciding which properties to view.

We will then personally accompany you around the properties of your choice. We are not a shop so we can guarantee that you will have our individual and un-interrupted attention on your visit.

You will also meet the Spanish owners of the properties that you view, as the majority are currently lived in at the moment.

A most important part of your visit will be to evaluate whether this area is right for you. Again we are most happy to point you in the right direction and answer your questions, having over 30 years experience living here we can answer any of your queries with absolute clarity.

When you purchase a property here you will become our neighbour and friend. Something we are most aware of and so work very hard to help you to make the correct decision, working with you to get it right first time, we will endeavour to make your transition into Spanish life as easy and enjoyable as possible.

What Happens Should I Decide to Buy a Property?

We will ask that you have two separate viewings of the property on different days, giving you the opportunity to clearly evaluate your decision to purchase. On the second viewing you will be sure to see many things that on first viewing were not so apparent.

We will then introduce you to one of our Spanish - English-speaking lawyers who will oversee the whole purchase procedure for you, taking ALL of the worry out of the process of buying abroad for a relatively small cost.

The Lawyer will require a few hours of your time to explain the process to you and answer any questions you may have and organize the various things necessary whilst you are in Spain.

Firstly: To arrange a Power of Attorney to purchase the property on your behalf and in your name, this allows you to return to the UK whilst your lawyer continues with the purchase.

Secondly: You will also be accompanied to the Guardia Civil to apply for your Fiscal Number (N.I.E) which is necessary in order to purchase a property in Spain; this is usually obtained in our area within 48 hours of application.

Thirdly: You will then be accompanied to one of the local Banks to open a Spanish Account and if necessary look into mortgage facilities available to both Residents 75% and Non Residents 60%.

Fourth: Before you leave Spain a meeting will be arranged at our office in Oliva. Yourselves the Buyers, The Sellers, The Lawyer and Ourselves. You will be asked to sign the purchase contract (written in Spanish and English) and pay 1% of the price in euros to the sellers.

At this point we clarify the expected time scale and any finer points of the purchase or queries that you may have with the sellers. We are on hand to translate for you.

You are now free to return home to the UK whilst the Lawyer starts the purchase procedure on your behalf.

An initial search of the property is done at the Land Registry telling us the present state of the Deeds and if there are any debts outstanding.
Under Spanish Law any debts on the property at the time of purchase is transferred over to the new owner.
This is the main reason you should ALWAYS use a Spanish Lawyer (Abogado) to oversee the purchase.
The lawyers that we recommend, unlike many, will also visit the local town hall and meet with the official Architect to ensure there are no Urbanistic Infringements past, or future that may affect the property.
They will also ensure the property description and size as stated in the deeds, coincide with the information registered at the Land Registry and the Town Hall. This is particularly important when buying a Resale property, as often changes to the property have been made over the years without Planning Permission being applied for or amendments being made at the Land Registry. This in itself is not a problem however it does mean that the information in the Land Registry and on the Deed is often incorrect, we ensure that this is rectified.

We always ensure that your Deed (Escitura) will clearly and correctly describe the property that you are purchasing.

Once your money is in place in your Spanish Bank Account or the mortgage approved the sale can go ahead on a date agreed and convenient to both parties.

Method of payment is usually:
1 -1% paid in cash immediately to the seller before you leave Spain, a Purchase Contract in Spanish and English is drawn up by the lawyer and signed by both parties.
2 -This is followed by a further 9% payable 3 weeks later once your lawyer has established there are no problems with the paper work or debts outstanding etc. Normally you are back home and can organize by an electronic transfer to send the amount required into your new Spanish bank account. Sending the money in Sterling will ensure a better rate of exchange. The lawyer can then withdraw the money, pay this to the seller and sign the second part of the contract on your behalf.
3 -Completion is arranged for a date suitable to both parties depending on individual circumstances of the buyers and sellers.

Should either party change their mind Spanish Law states:
The Buyers will loose their deposit.
The Sellers shall return double the amount of money which has already been paid to them.

On the day of completion the The Lawyer, The Bank Manager (if there is to be a cancellation of a current mortgage held by the sellers, or a mortgage is being taken out by the buyers), The Sellers, The Buyers (may or may not be present) and Us meet with The Notary who will oversee the purchase procedure.

Most importantly - The Lawyer will ensure that on the morning of completion a second search is done and the Notary receives by fax from the Land Registry a document stating that the property in question remains to have 'Clear Title Deeds.’ Meaning there are no debts outstanding which could be passed on to the buyer.
The Lawyer will have the necessary moneys prepared to complete the purchase of the property and sign the Deeds on behalf of the buyers and in their name.

Adding 12-13% onto the brochure price of the property should comfortably cover all Legal fees, including the 10% Government Resale Tax, Land Registry, Notary fees and Lawyers (Abogado) fee.

Money and keys then exchange hands and you are now the proud owner of your new Spanish home.

¿¿¿¿¿ I Now Own my New Home - But What Do I Do Now ?????

Now you are the proud owner of your Spanish home but our work still continues.

As a matter of course we will ensure the transition into your new life here whether it be permanent or on a holiday basis runs smoothly.

We provide an extensive after sales service that is unbeatable and has been successfully running for over 30 years now.
We will automatically arrange for you the transfer of all utilities including electricity, water, gas, telephone, annual rates and rubbish contributions your name and set up standing orders at your bank for their payments.

We also:

Organize and obtain Residency Permits.
Recommend local tradesmen, builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, vets etc.
Assist with registering children into local schools and colleges.
Give guidance on Spanish language courses available in the area.

Accompany you to register with local doctors, dentists, health clinics, sports centres etc.
Give guidance and assist with purchase of cars etc.
Advise with health, house or car insurance's etc.

Accompany you to the local stores if you would like help in furnishing your new home.

Any problem of yours is a problem of ours and we aim to solve any minor or major difficulty you may encounter and quickly.

How do I Find Oranges and Lemons?

Flights are readily available through travel agents in the UK, or on the internet to either Alicante or Valencia airports. Car hire facility can also be arranged very easily.

Although Valencia airport is a little closer to us (approx. 50 miles / 1 hr drive), Alicante (approx. 75 miles / 1 hr 15 minutes drive) usually has a wider selection of charter flights available from all major UK airports, which are generally cheaper than the scheduled flights that arrive into Valencia from London.

We will forward to you directions of how to find our office in Oliva town, it is extremely straight forward via the A7 Motorway exit 61 or the N332 highway.

Public transport links are also very good travelling via Rail or Coach. Airport collection is also available by a local taxi if you prefer.

Firstly and most importantly you need to visit our area to establish that it is suitable for your living requirements. 
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